Christie Vilsack and Crew at Fundraiser

Support the
SSN 797

The opportunity to celebrate the beginning of a Naval warship from keel laying through Christening and ultimately the Commissioning of the ship into active status, is of course, a rare opportunity.

We invite both the citizens of Iowa and all other states to join us to mark this special occasion by joining us through active participation of awareness and or monetary support.

Support Milestone Events

As the submarine is built, there are regular events happening to support the christening and commissioning ceremonies financially in advance. If you’re interested in raising awareness of the SSN 797, consider supporting upcoming on-site events by attending.

Upcoming Events

Make a Donation

We’re always very grateful for the financial support of Iowans in our efforts to give the SSN 797 a grand send-off once it’s ready. You can make a direct donation, reach out to us about sponsoring a fundraising event, or buy memorabilia to proudly support the Navy and Iowa’s newest namesake vessel.


Spread the Word

Let other Iowans and supporters of the U.S. Navy know about the SSN 797’s upcoming christening and commission! You can follow our commissioning committee’s Facebook page or continue visiting the website to stay up on upcoming events.

After the Commission

Most commissioning committees dissolve after a ship has been commissioned, but our group plans to transition into a group called SubVets, which will be a group dedicated to supporting the ship, the crew, and the families of the crew through meaningful actions such as pre- and post-deployment events and activities. This 501(c)3 nonprofit group will also partner with the Family Readiness Group (FRG) to support the families and spouses of deployed Navy personnel. Continue visiting the website to see updates about this committee as we draw to the close of commissioning events for the submarine in 2023.

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